WSSC Sewer Repair, Replacement & Rehabilitation Program

SR3 Program, Cabin John Creek Basin, Montgomery County, MD

The Cabin John Basin is located in a densely population portion of Montgomery County.  The headwaters originate in the City of Rockville and flow south to the Potomac River.  The Basin encompasses about 1,000 square miles and contains more than 300 miles of sewer ranging from 6 to 48-inches in diameter.  The sewer basin transmits approximately 8 million gallons of wastewater per day to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, DC.

There are numerous assets – i.e. sewer pipe segments, manholes and exposed sites – that require repair, replacement or rehabilitation.  Many of these assets are located in Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) such as rivers and streams, forests, parkland and cultural and historic resources.  Engineering designs were prepared to avoid or minimize adverse impacts on the ESAs.

PEER’s role was to conduct wetland field delineation of all wetlands within the Basin’s area. In addition, PEER completed a tree survey, identifying all trees 6-inches in diameter or greater than 10-feet beyond the level of disturbance. PEER prepared contract documents for the repair and rehabilitation of two exposed sewer assets, including design calculations and engineer’s construction cost estimate.

Under a separate task order, PEER was responsible for the community outreach program, which included: arrangements for holding public meetings, preparing handouts and public distribution materials, and compiling and responding to comments received at the public meeting, via e-mail and mail-in comment cards, so that all impacted residents and other community members can be made aware of the more immediate effects this work would have on their respective neighborhood in order to achieve the necessary improvements to the area.