Water Mains Improvement Program

(Phases 4 - 12), Fall River, MA

The Town of Fall River has been undertaking a multiphase program to replace its aging infrastructure. Since Phase 4, PEER has provided full-time Resident Inspection and Construction Administration services for this program and currently at Phase 12, we continue to provide this support.

The program involves water mains and associated appurtenances replacement, steel storage tanks rehabilitation, street repaving, sidewalk panel replacement, and granite curb installation and resetting. PEER services include: the construction management and administration of all field activities, completing daily field reports, verification of pay item quantities, processing of monthly payment requisitions, change requests, requests for information, updating conformed record plans for as-built conditions, field locate and provide coordination of service connections, verification of road grades and alignment, traffic management, materials testing, and general coordination of public and client interaction during construction activities. Per field best practices, PEER personnel keep ahead of the proposed work through daily review of the plans and specifications so that issues can be anticipated before construction activities occur.