South Potomac Water Supply

Improvement Project, Prince George's County, MD

The South Potomac Water Transmission Main is an abandoned 2.1-mile, 42-inch PCCP facility that supplies potable water to Southern Prince George’s County. The transmission main travels along Henson Creek and through Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission parkland.  The project’s objective was to remove the existing main and replace it with a new 42-inch PCCP and ancillary facilities. PEER’s responsibilities included: identifying all permits required for construction with regards to the permit type/name, issuing agency, specific information to be included in the permit applications, number of review sets, approximate review time and permit application fees.  PEER also identified environmental and community impacts and recommended mitigation opportunities.

In addition, PEER conducted wetland field delineation of all wetlands within the project area. After completing a field review with representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), PEER prepared a wetlands report and submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and MDE for a joint permit. 

Moreover, PEER completed a tree survey, identifying all trees six-inches in diameter or greater than ten-feet beyond the level of disturbance. PEER identified forested areas and flagged significant trees in accordance with the M-DNR Forest Conservation Program.

Under a separate task order, PEER was responsible for the community outreach program, which included: arrangements for holding public meetings, preparing handouts and public distribution materials; and compiling and responding to comments received at the public meeting, via e-mail and mail-in comment cards, so that all impacted residents and other community members can be made aware of the more immediate effects this work would have on their respective neighborhood in order to achieve the necessary improvements to the area.