Norfolk State University Master Plan

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk State University (NSU) is a 134-acre site located less than one mile east of downtown Norfolk.  It is a Historically Black University (HBU) offering comprehensive university programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  PEER was called upon by NSU to help increase the size of facilities to accommodate a 33% growth in student enrollment. The Master Plan created by PEER determined the needs and established goals for the future of the University.  PEER conducted an assessment of the campus infrastructure.  Three alternative physical planning concepts were evaluated.  The evaluation consisted of reviewing current and historical campus site plans and population projects for the campus; contacting local utilities and municipal agencies. 

PEER prepared a written narrative of its findings and recommendations to meet the needs for the Master Plan.  The narrative included: diagrams and drawings of existing utilities, delineation of traffic circulation, and indicated environmental concerns.  Recommendations for infrastructure improvements included utility improvements, realignment of roads, additional parking needs, resolution to environmental issues, and cost estimates.