Metro Davidson County Flood Mitigation Plan

Nashville, TN

PEER was selected to prepare a Long-Term Community Recovery Plan for Nashville, TN (LTCRP).  In early May 2010, the Nashville/Davidson County area received over 14” of rain over a two-day period, resulting in significant flooding.  Approximately, 29,500 acres were impacted, with damages reported to over 11,600 homes and commercial properties.

The project was initiated pursuant to Stafford Act requirements for a plan to help guide the long term social, economic and environmental recovery efforts following a disaster, and ensure proposed projects are sustainable and will mitigate the impact of similar future events. 

Completed over a five-month period, this Plan was fast-tracked to accelerate the beginning of the long-term recovery process and to promote the securing of needed funding for the identified projects.  Thousands of citizens participated in the design of 24 projects and seven neighborhood visions through more than 40 public meetings, multiple interviews and work sessions, and an interactive website.  This broad-based public input provided a solid foundation for the Plan.