Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Facilities

Multimedia Environmental Compliance Audits, MD

PEER conducted multimedia environmental compliance audits at 12 of the MTA facilities. The audits were conducted to determine if the MTA facilities are in compliance with applicable Federal, State of Maryland and local environmental laws, regulations, permits and orders; and to identify root causes of any Areas of Noncompliance (AON). The audits assisted the MTA in identifying deficiencies that when corrected will: achieve compliance with laws and regulations; protect the public health and the environment, provide a safer work environment; and avoid potential fines for noncompliance and the negative publicity that can result.

PEER developed inspection checklists and audit protocols that were approved by the MTA and the appropriate regulatory agency. PEER used these checklists and protocols for each facility audit and an audit report was generated and submitted to MTA for review and comment.  The audits were conducted in conformance with the EPA Multi-Media Investigation Manual (EPA-330/0-89-003-R, National Enforcement Investigation Center, March 1992).  PEER also had the responsibility of advising the MTA on other requirements that may be applicable and obtain MTA input and advice before incorporating those requirements into the protocol.