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PEER Global Foundation


PEER Global is a non-profit research, development and demonstration (RD&D) foundation specializing in the identification and piloting of energy-efficient, climate-friendly and environmentally responsive, sustainable and affordable technologies.


To empower impoverished communities by encouraging and supporting a path towards resilience with the building of sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and economically viable communities, in hopes that they will overcome the scourge of poverty and incorporate the needs of children, women and families as the way of running a community and providing for its citizens/residents.


“In this world of so many haves and have nots; so many concerned about "me" and no one else; so many void of any charity or love for fellow mankind, I cannot sit by idly without trying to do my part to make a positive difference on this earth. This is why I am an environmental engineer, and this is why I motivated others to help establish this foundation. Through this foundation we strive to use our skills, our abilities, our creativity to see life on earth as it could be and should be for all, and work towards that goal." - Dr. Lilia A. Abron, President & Founder of PEER Global


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